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A message from Carlton Brailey

Managing Director

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I’ve always loved computers, but not from a nerdy or geeky perspective (that has never been me). From an early age, they intrigued me as to how they could complement us as humans, and help us achieve things faster, smarter and with relative ease.

My love of technology also became my frustration too – “why won’t this just work as it’s supposed to”. I heard this so many times and sometimes asked myself this same question.

My inquisitive mind understood that many technology frustrations and potential uses could be solved with a logical and methodical approach. Coupled with a “can-do” mindset and a desire to help people, I started my career in IT nearly 35 years ago and have never looked back.

Just think about what has changed in that time, my career started long before you could go to Google for a quick answer to anything!

After a successful career learning my trade, I went on to manage teams in both the structured and rigid corporate world, alongside fast-moving, high-growth SMEs. It was this perfect blend of understanding the need for process, procedure, and diligence, alongside entrepreneurial creative thinking, and the ability to be agile in solving anything that came our way.

It was this entrepreneurial flair that sparked a desire to replicate what I knew I was good at, which was building customer focussed teams and delivering technology that helped companies thrive and grow. I saw far too many great technical minds that just could not communicate or connect on a personal level, and in 2002 I decided to start a business that would address these issues.

At Granite, we have worked tirelessly for over 20 years to deliver exceptional customer service and measurable commercial results. My personal pet hate is to hear “tech speak”, the language that only another tech understands. We are experts for sure, but our mission is to deliver results in a friendly and coherent way, avoiding unwelcome jargon.

My whole team are personally invested in every business we work with, celebrating their success as if it were our own. Because really, it is. We know that we’ve played a part in helping each business to reach its goals and hit its targets. And that’s a great feeling.

This is the Granite way and the reason that we have so many loyal clients who value us as an integral part of their organisations.

Carlton Brailey (Managing Director)

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